Today’s party is truly out of this world!  We see so many adorable parties for little girls and babies… but great parties for little boys seem harder to come by.  That makes today’s post even more fun!  With a modern color scheme, oodles of creative details and a beautiful table of solar snacks, this party is perfect for little astronauts.  Jasmine Clouser of The Couture Cakery let her imagination soar when she created this party for her son’s 5th birthday.  Get ready to blast off for some fun and adventure with this incredible Outer Space Birthday Party!

Our contributor, Summer Stone Polzel of Cake Paper Party, is back today with a new baking science experiment….

Flour is one of the most important ingredients in a cake recipe. It not only is the structural workhorse of a cake but provides important flavor and textural elements. Choosing the best flour for a cake recipe can be tricky. There are many options on the market and depending on where you are in the world, certain flours may or may not be available. Here I will try to clarify some of the differences between various types of wheat flours and show you how they translate to baked cakes.

Our contributor, Summer Stone of Cake Paper Party, is back today with a new baking science experiment….

Creating an ideal chocolate cake is a tall order.  You must balance the texture and structure of a cake while maintaining a distinct chocolatey profile.  For some time, I have been in search of a cake that boasts undeniable chocolate flavor, the kind of cake where you can close your eyes and tell, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it is chocolate cake you are eating.  One of the important issues to consider in chocolate recipe formulations is the whether to use chocolate in the cake, cocoa powder or a combination of the two.  Here I will take a look at each of these ingredients or ingredient combinations when baked in a cake and discuss which comes across with the best flavor and texture profile.

The chill of January is officially here.  As arctic air makes its way across the country, wreaking havoc with cold temperatures, ice and massive amounts of snow…. we’re sharing a little taste of winter that everyone can enjoy.  With soft whites and muted greys, today’s line up celebrates the beauty of winter.  From white-on-white texture to the shimmering iridescence of geodes, these wedding cakes are as pristine as freshly fallen snow.  So bundle up, grab a mug of hot cocoa and enjoy these 10 Wintry White Cakes.