It all started with my love for flowers. I was in awe of all those creative and talented people out there that have the ability to create such beauty with sugar paste. Two years (2014) ago whilst shopping with my little niece I bought a cake decorating book, it had a cake with red roses on the cover. My sister saw it and stated that it is the cake she wanted for her birthday. Quite coincidentally during the same time my husband won a Kitchen Aid mixer, I started feeling guilty for not using it, but then … as they say the rest is history…sister got her cake with red sugar roses and my mixer has never stopped working since that day.

Work colleagues started seeing my work and the orders started coming in. It all took me a bit by surprise but as I started making more cake my confidence grew.

What I initially thought was just a hobby has grown into almost a part time/second job. My passion has grown and continues to grow to the extent that I would wish to live it. I love to try new techniques and I love to pay attention to detail. I like providing my customers with not only something that meets their expectations but I always try to exceed them.

I strongly believe that the cakes must not only be pretty but should taste even better than it looks.

The most rewarding feeling is when I see the happiness and the emotions my handiwork can bring about in people. When I see people carefully removing sugar flowers from the cakes to have as a keepsake, refusing their cakes to be cut, sending me pictures of their dusty sugar figurines that had to be saved from ant attacks a few time……all those experiences, just fuels my passion to want to be better and do more. People sending me pictures of my cakes at their events, sharing their happy moments with me makes me feel so grateful in return.

I love the freedom cake decorating allows me, from the elegant floral vintage designs to the bright and happy colourful children cakes, to the slightly dark and wicked cakes I so enjoy doing too. I would love all my customers to receive the cake that they see when they close their eyes. I want them to have fun with me and make ordering a cake an exciting event, something to look forward to.